Executing queries through JDBC

To run a query through JDBC:.

To run a query through JDBC:

  1. Connect with the Vertica database. See Creating and configuring a connection.

  2. Run the query.

The method you use to run the query depends on the type of query you want to run:

  • a DDL query that does not return a result set.

  • a DDL query that returns a result set.

  • a DML query

Executing DDL (data definition language) queries

To run DDL queries, such as CREATE TABLE and COPY, use the Statement.execute() method. You get an instance of this class by calling the createStatement method of your connection object.

The following example creates an instance of the Statement class and uses it to execute a CREATE TABLE and a COPY query:

Statement stmt = conn.createStatement();
stmt.execute("CREATE TABLE address_book (Last_Name char(50) default ''," +
    "First_Name char(50),Email char(50),Phone_Number char(50))");
stmt.execute("COPY address_book FROM 'address.dat' DELIMITER ',' NULL 'null'");

Executing queries that return result sets

Use the Statement class's executeQuery method to execute queries that return a result set, such as SELECT. To get the data from the result set, use methods such as getInt, getString, and getDouble to access column values depending upon the data types of columns in the result set. Use ResultSet.next to advance to the next row of the data set.

ResultSet rs = null;
rs = stmt.executeQuery("SELECT First_Name, Last_Name FROM address_book");
int x = 1;
    System.out.println(x + ". " + rs.getString(1).trim() + " "
                       + rs.getString(2).trim());

Executing DML (data manipulation language) queries using executeUpdate

Use the executeUpdate method for DML SQL queries that change data in the database, such as INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE which do not return a result set.

stmt.executeUpdate("INSERT INTO address_book " +
                   "VALUES ('Ben-Shachar', 'Tamar', 'tamarrow@example.com'," +
stmt.executeUpdate("INSERT INTO address_book (First_Name, Email) " +
                   "VALUES ('Pete','pete@example.com')");

Executing stored procedures

You can create and execute stored procedures with CallableStatements.

To create a stored procedure:

Statement st = conn.createStatement();

String createSimpleSp = "CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE raiseInt(IN x INT) LANGUAGE PLvSQL AS $$ " +
    "RAISE INFO 'x = %', x;" +
"END;" +


To call a stored procedure:

String spCall = "CALL raiseInt (?)";
CallableStatement stmt = conn.prepareCall(spCall);
stmt.setInt(1, 42);

Stored procedures do not yet support OUT parameters. Instead, you can return and retrieve execution information with RAISE and getWarnings() respectively: