Uploading scrutinize results

scrutinize provides several options for uploading data to Vertica customer support.

scrutinize provides several options for uploading data to Vertica customer support.

Upload packaging

When you use an upload option, scrutinize does not bundle all output in a single tar file. Instead, each node posts its output directly to the specified URL as follows:

  1. Uploads a smaller, context file, enabling Customer Support to review high-level information.

  2. On completion of scrutinize execution, uploads the complete diagnostics collection.

Upload prerequisites

Before you run scrutinize with an upload option:

  • Install the cURL program installed in the path for the database administrator user who is running scrutinize.

  • Verify each node in the cluster can make an HTTP or FTP connection directly to the Internet.

Upload options

-A url
Uses your Vertica license to authenticate with the Vertica server, by uploading your customer name. Customer Support uses this information to verify your identity on receiving your uploaded file. This option requires a valid VerticaPremium Edition license.

For example:

$ scrutinize -U username -P 'password' --auth-upload="url"
-u url
Requires url to include a user name and password that is supplied by Vertica Customer Support.

For example:

$ scrutinize -U username -P 'password' --url='ftp://username/password@customers.vertica.com/'
-m message
include a message with the scrutinize output, where message is one of the following:
  • "message text"
    A message string. For example:

    $ scrutinize --message="re: case number #ABC-12345"
  • "file-path"
    A path to a text file. For example:

    $ scrutinize --message="/path/to/msg.txt"
    Opens an input stream. scrutinize reads input until you type a period (.) on a new line. This closes the input stream, and scrutinize writes the message to the collected output.

    $ scrutinize --message=PROMPT
    Enter reason for collecting diagnostics; end with '.' on a line by itself:
    Query performance degradation noticed around 9AM EST on Saturday
    Vertica Scrutinize Report
    Result Dir:              /home/dbadmin/VerticaScrutinize.20131126083311

The message is set in the output directory, in reason.txt. If no message is specified, scrutinize generates the default message Unknown reason for collection. Messages typically include the following information:

  • Reason for gathering/submitting diagnostics.

  • Support-supplied case number and other issue-specific information, to help Vertica Customer Support identify your case and analyze the problem.